We offer uncontested divorces for married couples that can communicate, cooperate and can come to an agreement regarding the division of their assets and debts and custody of their children. Not everyone is a candidate for a non-contested divorce and not all non-contested divorces stay that way. But, for a flat fee of usually $1,200 plus the filing fee, we have designed a very efficient process. Our clients do not have to take time off work to come to our office or go to court. Why miss time from work and wages if you don’t have to?

After the initial telephone conversation and question answering, we obtain general information that takes about 5-10 minutes. You provide full names, dates of birth, social security numbers, employers, addresses and phone numbers. We then send you by US mail, or email usually, a three page engagement letter explaining in detail the process, income & expense and property statement forms with instructions for you and your spouse to complete. It is important to know that we only represent you, not your spouse. Anytime during the process your spouse can hire her own lawyer. The divorce can still be uncontested.

Basically, divorce involves a lot of mandatory paperwork that must be completed and electronically filed with the court. We have streamlined this process to make it efficient, expedient and cost effective. We believe folks don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers when they are perfectly capable of coming to an agreement regarding the division of their property and children.

Once the initial pleadings are prepared and filed, the court can take no action for 30 days. During that time, we work on preparing a separation agreement and parenting plan if necessary. A separation agreement is a written document that legally defines the agreement made by you and your spouse. To conclude the divorce, a judgment and affidavits are finalized and filed as proposed judgments. The judge must approve all divorces. In Jefferson County this usually takes just a few days.

You can be divorced as soon as 45 days but it usually takes a little longer just because there is so much paperwork that has to be signed and notarized by both you and your spouse who usually are living separate and apart.

We accept credit cards and can take payment over the phone. Divorce is one of the more difficult things in life. Why make it one of the most expensive? We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Call today for a free consultaion.