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Although divorce can be painful, the process of getting a divorce doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, splitting couples don't always agree on the terms of their separation. Oftentimes they may fight over the division of their assets, child custody, and related matters. My law firm has been doing this for over 60 years. With that experience, I know how these issues usually resolve. My goal is to get you divorced as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. I work to help people solve their problems, not perpetuate the process.

The Doskocil Law Firm provides full legal services for those who need representation during a divorce. If you are facing divorce issues and cannot settle a dispute with your spouse or partner, I can help. Call me today for a free consultation.

I Represent Clients
in Complex Divorce Cases

Divorce cases can be complex. There are multiple legal issues you are required by law to resolve. As your attorney, I can help you avoid common pitfalls that might otherwise hurt your case. The difference between separate and marital property is a key component. I can help you resolve all of the issues the law requires; discussed below.

You Aren't Alone in This

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Child Custody

Child custody is determined by several statutory factors:

  • The best interest of the child
  • Your child’s relationship with parents, siblings, and others
  • The child’s wishes
  • Your ability to allow frequent and meaningful contact with the other parent
  • The physical and mental health of all individuals involved

If you are dealing with difficult child support issues, I will make sure that your rights are protected and your child’s best interests are served.

Assets and Property

You have the right to secure a fair and equitable distribution of assets and debts that were accumulated throughout the course of your marriage. That is what the law requires. As your experienced attorney, I work with you and your spouse’s lawyer to arrive at an equitable and fair distribution of assets. Using the Property Statement form you are required to fully and accurately complete, we work towards an agreement on the division of your assets and debts.


Alimony, now known as maintenance, is the most difficult issue. Maintenance is an emotionally and legally complex issue. No one wants to pay maintenance to an ex-spouse. But it can happen when a spouse is physically or mentally incapable of supporting themselves. There are just too many factors that impact how this issue can be resolved. I have the experience and knowledge to evaluate and analyze the minefield of maintenance.

How Does Divorce
Work in Missouri?

The legal term for divorce in Missouri is the dissolution of marriage. The spouse who is filing for a divorce is referred to as the petitioner. The spouse receiving the divorce request is the respondent. At least one spouse must live in Missouri for 90 days before they can file for divorce.

The divorce begins by filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Most petitions look the same since the law mandates what must be included in the petition. See 452.310 RSMo. St. Louis County requires the Income and Expense and Property Statement forms are filed with the Petition. The Respondent is required to file an Answer to the Petition.

Both spouses are required to file the Income and Expense and Property Statement forms. These forms provide basic information about assets, debts, income, and expenses. This is just the beginning to determine the nature, extent, and value of the marital estate. Next, we exchange or request all supporting documents to further analyze the marital estate. This process can and usually does take a month or two.

There Are Only Two
Ways to Get Divorced

Sounds limiting, doesn’t it? But it’s true. You either come to an agreement or you go to trial. Approximately 95% of all divorces resolve by agreement. The system is set up to get people to arrive at a mutual agreement. There are not enough judges or days in the year for everyone to go to trial. In addition, cases that go to trial can be outrageously time-consuming and expensive. An expense an experienced divorce lawyer can help you avoid with sound legal advice and counsel. Divorce is difficult. You don’t want to be broke when it’s over. That’s why you need my counsel.

How I Can Help You
with Your Divorce Case

There are so many issues, rules, procedures, laws, and other requirements it would be very difficult if not impossible to get through a divorce without an experienced lawyer. I can advise you to prepare before you file for divorce and during the divorce process. Being properly advised and prepared can help you avoid painful mistakes.

As your divorce attorney, I will provide the following legal services:

  • Handle all paperwork and manage your entire case from start to finish
  • Engage with all relevant parties on your behalf
  • Investigate your case and obtain evidence that protects your rights
  • Help you address sensitive issues such as drugs, abuse, or infidelity
  • Fight to protect your rights regarding assets, property, and child custody

I have the experience necessary to guide you through these complexities and to give you the legal support you need throughout the divorce process. If you're facing the difficult prospect of divorce, reach out to my firm today to schedule a simple consultation.

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Going through a divorce is tough enough. To protect your rights and your future, call the Doskocil Law Firm. I provide the clear guidance and effective advice you need. Based in Benton Park and Fenton, Missouri, I serve all of St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and Jefferson County.