Governor Parsons has issued a Stay at Home Order and for many, we stay at home, social distance when we take walks and try to avoid getting or giving the Covid-19 virus. There have been many news reports of an increase in alcohol consumption, domestic violence and child abuse. Missouri courts are open, however, in-person proceedings are suspended, with several exceptions. The Missouri Supreme Court has made an exception for Orders of Protection. Jurisdictions are managing these matters differently.

St. Louis County Courts have created the ability on its website to fill those forms out online and have a virtual hearing:

In Jefferson County, people can still come to the courthouse in-person to fill out the Order of Protection forms, unless they are sick. Individuals who are sick can fill out the forms over the phone. The telephone number for the Circuit Clerk is 636-797-5443.

The City of St. Louis website still says the Petition for An Order of Protection is filled out in person at the courthouse. The telephone number for additional information is 314-622-4434. Today, April, 10, 2020, no one is answering. 

During these troubling and unusual times, rules and procedures are changing almost daily. 

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